Day 3: Marconi Society welcomes MCNC to national webinar series

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High-speed internet and the right investments in broadband can drive positive economic and social growth, and MCNC continues to serve as an important convener, broker and facilitator to ensure equal access to secure high-speed technologies and digital resources in North Carolina. MCNC also serves as an advocate for those without a voice; remaining diligent in illuminating the specific broadband needs in all 100 counties throughout North Carolina. This pivotal role in the state is essential for ensuring everyone has equal opportunity to participate in today's economy.

The Marconi Society invited MCNC to participate in a national webinar in October to discuss strategies, successes and challenges in creating digitally-equitable communities across North Carolina. This was part of The Marconi Society event series, A National Inflection Point: The Intersection of Research & Education Networks and Sustainable Digital Equity Initiatives.

On Oct. 3, at 2 p.m. EDT, the Marconi Society went live with this webinar, which was moderated by MCNC President and CEO Tracy Doaks. Innovators from across the state also joined the expert panel to share their perspectives and answer questions. 

The panel included:

  • Bo Coughlin, Chief Operating Officer, Fybe
  • Nate Denny, North Carolina Deputy Secretary for Broadband & Digital Equity
  • Patrick Fleming, Chief Information Officer, N.C. Community Colleges
  • Tracy Futhey, Chief Information Officer and Vice President, Duke University
  • Tracy Olson, CEO, North Carolina Telehealth Network Association (NCTNA)
  • Tommy Jacobson, Chief Operating Officer, MCNC

This robust discussion focused on how digital equity is a multi-faceted priority in North Carolina. It is more than just providing high-speed internet – it is about understanding and remedying the underlying inequities that keep many from reaching their full potential. "We were honored and excited to be asked by The Marconi Society to talk about something we have a genuine passion for as well as create another way to reach and connect with people on a personal level," added Doaks.

This important outreach effort with The Marconi Society mirrors MCNC’s ongoing commitment to establish and improve communication channels to help shape actionable strategies that benefit every single North Carolina community. In March 2022, the MCNC Community Connect podcast launched to bring together leaders and innovators in North Carolina to discuss some of today’s hottest technology topics and trends. This work continued in 2023. Now in its second year, each episode of MCNC Community Connect aims to inspire fresh ideas and to have important conversations around technology’s increasing role in economic development, digital equity and inclusion, broadband infrastructure, cybersecurity, and more. Listen to all available episodes here.

For over 40 years MCNC has connected and protected communities with high-speed internet and networking technologies throughout North Carolina. And, just like the Marconi Society, MCNC also envisions a world in which all people have opportunities by inspiring, building and connecting tomorrow’s technologies today in order to help create a more digitally inclusive world.

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