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MCNC is the ISP for public K-12 education in North Carolina. One hundred percent (100%) of all 115 public K-12 local education agencies (LEAs) and currently more than 80% of charter schools are connected to MCNC’s broadband network infrastructure — the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN). Interconnecting these schools with MCNC services is the product of the N.C. School Connectivity Initiative (SCI).

MCNC and the School Connectivity Initiative

SCI Overview

The SCI was established in 2007 to expand the number of schools with broadband internet access, further develop communication networks for rural and under-performing schools, aid in professional development for technology staff, and develop a scalable model to maintain and enhance network services to all schools in North Carolina. It includes four primary programs.

1) Maintain a Governance Structure and Funding Plan to manage the SCI and provide funding support for LEA and charter school broadband Internet access. (In 2015, SCI funding was extended to include internal connections for schools, e.g. local area networks, wireless local area networks, and cabling.)
2) Maintain an E-Rate Filing Assistance Bureau — E-Rate consulting services supporting LEAs and charter schools.
3) Expand MCNC’s network, NCREN, to connect to all 115 LEAs and participating charter schools.
4) Maintain Client Network Engineering (CNE) Services — Network consulting services for LEAs and charter schools.


These programs are delivered through collaboration among MCNC, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, and the N.C. Department of Information Technology. MCNC has lead responsibility for providing two of the four critical programs which comprise the SCI: broadband connectivity services and Client Network Engineering services.

Contract Services

In addition to the SCI’s primary programs above, via MCNC’s agreement with NCDPI, public K-12 sites receive at no additional charge: Enhanced DDoS Protection, Activity Vulnerability Analysis, Web Security Service, Network Consulting, Security Consulting and Advisory Services. The remaining MCNC services are available to K-12 across the state at discount pricing including data center and collaboration services. See the “Did You Know” document in the resources section below.

Supporting K-12 Education: Giving Back

MCNC supports education efforts like the N.C. Business Committee for Education’s Students@Work and Teachers@Work initiatives, which provide MCNC an opportunity to help students and teachers prepare for the future by offering job shadowing and mentoring experiences to bridge the school environment to the workplace.

MCNC annually sponsors the North Carolina Technology in Education Society (NCTIES) annual meeting. We secure a booth so that you can have another venue to connect with us. Members of our team are available in the exhibit hall to speak with the K-12 Community.


Why Public K-12 Choose MCNC

Client Network Engineers

Client Network Engineers help design, implement, and support the schools’ network and security infrastructure.

Wireless Assessments

Campus-wide wireless site surveys and an analysis of WLAN configuration and performance data.

Network Assessments

Document the design, configuration, and performance of the client’s network.

Support and Network Monitoring

MCNC’s N.C. based 24x7x365 NOC proactively monitors the network infrastructure.


Schools gain access to Internet2, a national research and education network, and the Schools, Health and Libraries (SHLB) Coalition.

Bandwidth Growth

Engineers monitor bandwidth utilization and submit a notification for increases before the connection becomes saturated.

Google Apps

MCNC staff provide Google Apps migration assistance from planning to deployment.


MCNC hosts professional development opportunities such as the Fall and Summer Institutes and wireless training.

K-12 Bandwidth Utilization

View total network utilization across public and charter K-12 institutions connected to the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN).

K-12 Map

Our Solutions

Services and expertise to help organizations of all sizes.

MCNC’s Security solutions portfolio of services provide a comprehensive security stack for community anchor institutions.

MCNC Training & Events

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MCNC Community Map

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K-12 Resources

Did You Know (pdf)

How to use HARs for PAC Editing – Zscaler

Meraki SAML Integration

End User Performance Monitoring, Easy as Pi (Update)

PWM (Password Manager)


New Google and YouTube Settings

Meraki monitoring

Google Outbound Relays

Basic Networking Utilities

Cisco ASA with AD

Aerohive monitoring – “Beyond the Hive”

Chromebook Management

MDF/IDF Management

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MCNC Community Connect Podcast: Sync Up! How High-Speed Tech Helps Develop People to Their Full Potential

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