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For 40 years, MCNC has been proactive in meeting the broadband infrastructure needs for community anchor institutions whether rural or urban, mountain or coastal, big or small. Throughout this time, MCNC has successfully served education, research, nonprofit healthcare, public safety, libraries, and other community anchor institutions with Internet connectivity and advanced technology services.

MCNC owns, builds, and operates the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN), a powerful broadband infrastructure that scales to meet the service delivery needs in communities across the state while providing agile and responsive services that support and enhance economic development, collaboration, and innovation in the 21st century.

MCNC's Collaborative Approach to Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion (DI) work includes, but is not limited to, broadband access development for rural communities as well as communities with unserved and underserved broadband access.

MCNC works to prioritize North Carolina communities that are considered underserved in terms of broadband infrastructure, economic stress, or other conditions. Collaborative DI efforts are multifaceted, often involving components such as:

  • Broadband infrastructure and access to quality service
  • Affordability
  • Devices, such as laptops and tablets
  • Technical support resources
  • Digital literacy training

Digital inclusion strategies must evolve along with the diversity and changing needs of each community as well as the constant development of technologies.

MCNC is part of ongoing conversations across North Carolina and at the national level. Read more…

Internet Connectivity Throughout North Carolina

MCNC backbone map 20 years of expansionMCNC delivers modern Internet on a world-class broadband network that maintains 99.99% uptime and spans all 100 counties in North Carolina. MCNC operationalizes best-in-class cybersecurity protections, experienced engineers and developers, fair pricing, and local client service to support and enhance economic development, collaboration, and innovation. MCNC has extensive technical expertise and deep roots in local communities. As a trusted partner, MCNC and its clients have successfully leveraged the network and resources to customize services and applications while collaborating and supporting private service providers in bringing cost-efficient connectivity and technology services to rural and underserved communities.

MCNC’s backbone, NCREN, connects the people of North Carolina. It is part of a technology solution from MCNC that ensures the continued economic success of local communities throughout the state. We take great pride in building and operating more than 4,400 miles of fiber-optic infrastructure every day to support the various technology needs that every North Carolina citizen values and requires in the 21st century. View a larger version of the map by clicking here.

Client Focused

MCNC is a client-first organization. We exist to benefit North Carolina by creating unprecedented opportunities to accelerate broadband-based economies. In this sense, MCNC’s network, NCREN, is much more than a network; it’s an interconnected community for North Carolina.

Connectivity and Collaboration Lead to Success

MCNC Creating Solutions
Through trusted relationships and client input, MCNC brings connectivity levels in North Carolina to all-time highs.
Network and cybersecurity assessments, analysis, collaborative planning, installation, technical support, and follow-up all play vital roles in protected connectivity for our clients.
MCNC team at discussion table
We work to understand your business needs and provide the bandwidth and services required for your success.
K-20 Public Education Connected
Miles of Statewide Fiber Optic Infrastructure
NC Independent Colleges & Universities Connected
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Who We Serve

Geographic distance should not be a barrier

MCNC connects anchor institutions to their communities and to regional and national networks — thereby enabling collective sharing, teamwork, discovery, and learning.

Who We Serve

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MCNC’s Collaborative Approach to Digital Inclusion


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