Day 8: Investing in people and culture always part of MCNC’s success story

12 Days of Broadband Day 8
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The backbone of any successful organization lies in its human resources. At MCNC we go beyond just cutting-edge solutions to foster a team that drives us forward. We are thrilled to share the milestones and progress in our HR domain, reflecting our dedication to a culture that cultivates growth and is driven by innovation and leadership.

New CFO Brings Fiscal Direction

A significant step forward in our journey this year has been welcoming Sarah Taylor as our new Chief Financial Officer. With a track record in financial management and strategic planning, Sarah brings a wealth of experience to guide MCNC through its next phase of growth. This strategic appointment reinforces our commitment to attracting top talent that will steer and propel our business to heights.

Recognizing Excellence and Innovation

Acknowledgment of our achievements always fills us with pride. In 2023 we won the NC Tech Use of Technology Award for MCNC Vital Cyber. The North Carolina Community College System was recognized for its Rural College Broadband Project, which was made possible by the work of MCNC Client Network Engineers. Finally, MCNC Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Tommy Jacobson was a national finalist at the U.S. Broadband Summit for the Individual Impact Award for Greatest Technical Achievement in Connecting the Unconnected. These accolades serve as a testament to our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction and industry leadership. Such accomplishments motivate us to keep pushing boundaries and setting standards in the world of networking technology.

Consistent Growth Supports Positive Culture

MCNC is committed to growth, which is evident in our expanding team. In 2023 we have seen a 10-percent increase in number of employees – marking not only our dedication to creating more job opportunities but also highlighting the diverse talents that contribute to our achievements. It's the third straight year of double-digit percentage growth, and MCNC is 42 percent larger now than at the end of 2019. Investing in our people has always been an element of MCNC’s success story.

Leadership Makes MCNC Stronger

We understand the importance of having experienced professionals guide us in making decisions. This year we were delighted to welcome Tracy Olson, Chief Executive Officer at the North Carolina Teleheath Network Association (NCTNA), and Vanessa Wrenn, CIO at the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) as new additions to the MCNC Board of Directors. They bring specialized and innovative insights that will help shape the future direction of MCNC. We also made additions to our MCNC Advisory Council, including Maurice Ferrell, Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at the UNC System Office; Jeremiah Jackson, CISO of Risk Management and Cybersecurity at NCDPI; and Shannon Tufts, Professor of Public Law and Government and Director of the Center for Public Technology at the UNC School of Government in Chapel Hill. Each of the leaders are recognized experts in their respective fields and each of these strategic appointments enhance our ability to navigate industry challenges and chart a path towards success.

Innovation + Collaboration = MCNC

MCNC remains dedicated to nurturing a culture that embraces innovation, diversity, inclusivity, and belonging. Our core values are rooted in creating a positive environment where each team member feels valued and empowered. We firmly believe that diverse perspectives serve as the driving force behind groundbreaking ideas, and we consistently strive to cultivate an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and creativity.

MCNC aims to make North Carolina the most securely connected state in the nation, where all citizens and communities have the opportunity to participate in a healthy and productive economy. As we look towards 2024 and beyond, we are enthusiastic about the impact created by our expanding team and the support from our leaders who back our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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