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Episode 3: Digital Equity & Inclusion in North Carolina

On our next episode of MCNC’s Community Connect Podcast, our host Tracy Doaks is joined by experts in the area of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): Dr. Marc Hoit, Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer at NC State University, and Stephanie Jane Edwards, Senior GIS Analyst and Digital Inclusion Liaison at MCNC.

Listen as they discuss a range of topics, first illustrating what DEI means and its economic and social ramifications, then detailing approaches organizations like MCNC are taking to address DEI, including GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping, to break down barriers in high-speed Internet access. Finally, the experts discuss how MCNC is planning for North Carolina’s long-term growth with these initiatives and how national funding is helping the cause as well.

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Past Episodes

Each episode is aimed to inspire fresh ideas and to have engaging conversations around technology’s vital role in economic development, digital equity and inclusion, broadband infrastructure, cybersecurity, and more.

Episode 2: High-Speed Health Care for North Carolina

Summary: In this episode, MCNC’s Tracy Doaks is joined by Tracy Olson and John Graham of the North Carolina Telehealth Network Association (NCTNA) to discuss how the pandemic has forever changed healthcare by exposing inequities and connectivity gaps followed by how NCTNA and MCNC’s partnership addresses the challenges facing North Carolina head-on.

Episode 1: It’s Not a Matter of ‘If’ but ‘When’: Cyber Experts Talk Cybersecurity in North Carolina and Beyond

Summary: In this episode, MCNC’s Tracy Doaks and Chris Beal are joined by Douglas Holland of Akamai to discuss the growing cybersecurity concerns on  global, national, and statewide levels and how MCNC and Akamai are responding to protect their clients and networks.

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