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MCNC’s connectivity services provide high-end network solutions to community anchor institutions. North Carolina’s community anchor institutions must have access to reliable, secure, and fast Internet connections to ensure a well-connected and advanced state.

Without MCNC’s robust backbone infrastructure, we would not be able to deliver high quality connectivity to North Carolina’s community anchor institutions. Our connectivity services are available in various forms, to ensure that your organization has access to the fastest, most efficient and reliable network connection possible.

Connectivity Solutions

Providing full-duplex high-speed broadband Internet access for over 35 years, granting our clients access to national research networks such as Internet2 and direct private peering to global content providers.

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The service, support and guidance we receive from MCNC continue to be a vital part of our technology efforts. Our MCNC Internet service, firewall, and cloud-based content filter are all integral to our school's success - and these ultimately allow us to have the tools that fulfill our chartered mission, providing a college prep education for our students. When we have technology issues, our staff can rely on the sound advice and problem-solving ability we always receive whenever we have to seek MCNC Client Network Engineering (CNE) support. We cannot thank MCNC and their staff enough for all that they do to support us.

Jonathan Bryant

Chief Administrator
Lincoln Charter School

Connectivity Resources

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Understanding VLANS

Troubleshooting Traffic Flow Through Cisco ASA Firewalls

Performance monitoring easy as Pi

Basic Networking Utilities II

Campus Network Design – High level overview of campus network design and operation

DDoS – Video

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