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CEO Videos and Resources

Tracy Doaks -- MCNC President and CEO

TBJ – 2022 Women in Business Awards: Tracy Doaks – MCNC (pdf)

Rochelle Newton’s “Diversity Chat” with Tracy Doaks

MCNC Community Day Welcome Video

CORRAL Women in Leadership Panel Discussion

12 Days of Broadband | MCNC’s Tracy Doaks gets us ready for 2021

Connectivity Resources

Network performance monitoring

Understanding VLANS

Troubleshooting Traffic Flow Through Cisco ASA Firewalls

Performance monitoring easy as Pi

Basic Networking Utilities II

Campus Network Design – High level overview of campus network design and operation

DDoS – Video

Data Center Resources

Offsite Storage & Disaster Recovery

HERO Project RFPs

K-12 Resources

How to use HARs for PAC Editing – Zscaler

Meraki SAML Integration

End User Performance Monitoring, Easy as Pi (Update)

PWM (Password Manager)


New Google and YouTube Settings

Meraki monitoring

Google Outbound Relays

Basic Networking Utilities

Cisco ASA with AD

Aerohive monitoring – “Beyond the Hive”

Chromebook Management

MDF/IDF Management

Vital Cyber Security Resources

SSL/TLS Certificate Overview

Vital Cyber Managed Endpoint Protection Explainer Video

Vital Cyber Managed Endpoint Protection Webinar

Testing for Common Open Ports and Cipher Suites

Secure Application Access Webinar

Wireshark Introduction

EMail Spoofing / SPF / DKIM

Active Vulnerability Analysis (previously known as CMRA) Webinar 10 23 18

Google SSO and Zscaler

DDoS – Video

DNS Security Filtering Service – Webinar and Demo

DNS Security Filtering – Onboarding Instructions

Security Services

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