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Tommy Jacobson, MCNC's Chief Operating Officer and Vice President sent the following message regarding COVID-19 to our Community on March 4, 2020.

As concerns over the COVID-19 Corona virus continue to grow, MCNC would like our community to know that we are prepared to maintain normal business operations. We have taken steps to ensure that our world-class networking services remain available, even if conditions exist that prevent us from accessing our Network Operations Center or other facilities throughout the state. Our existing Business Continuity and Disaster Resistance planning includes measures that specifically address pandemic scenarios, and we are prepared to enact them, if necessary as a result of local or state directive. We know that many of your continuity and pandemic response plans likely depend on the availability of reliable network connectivity, and MCNC is working to ensure that our service will be there when you need it.

To ensure continuity of operations:

  • All MCNC operational staff have the necessary devices and equipment to support the network remotely during normal and emergency situations.  Our routine, day to day operations that do not require physical intervention can be performed via home internet connections and secure remote access.
  • All network management devices are housed in redundant, “lights out” facilities with 24x7x365 network access.
  • Our NOC staff have access from their homes to voice/IP service tied directly into the MCNC phone system to answer/place operational calls. Additionally, MCNC has Zoom video conferencing capabilities and routinely leverages this service during maintenance and operational related activities.
  • MCNC has geographic and physical redundancy for all core elements and services of the network and upstream connectivity to the global internet.
  • Should physical access be required in locations to effect repair at end user locations, we will coordinate that access with you directly.
  • The safety of our staff and our constituents is of the utmost importance during any situation.

If you have any questions regarding our specific plans, please do not hesitate to ask.

MCNC Admin
MCNC Admin

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