Day 7: MCNC’s Vital Cyber forms cybersecurity shield for North Carolina

12 Days Day 7
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The year 2023 has borne witness to the remarkable growth and accomplishments of MCNC Security Services, underscoring a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled cybersecurity solutions. Throughout the year, our unwavering dedication to excellence has been a testament to the core values that define MCNC.

Notably, our Managed Endpoint Protection service has achieved outstanding milestones, safeguarding more than 235,000 endpoint devices across the state. Simultaneously, our Managed Firewall service successfully executed the migration of more than 233 K-12 Public School Units (PSUs) to our innovative service, thereby enhancing the cyber defense infrastructure of our community.

The synergy generated by these two flagship services has resulted in a formidable cybersecurity shield, fortifying our community against evolving threats. The MCNC Cybersecurity Consulting team has been instrumental in this success, contributing significantly through the development and implementation of Incident Response/Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercises and formal Risk Assessment services, which have garnered acclaim within the community.

A pivotal strategic objective for MCNC is the establishment of leadership in providing cybersecurity services to K-12 education in North Carolina, aligning seamlessly with our overarching strategic plan, specifically in the focus area of, "Establishing a Cybersecurity Practice." The enrollment of more than 158 PSUs in our Managed Endpoint Protection service and the migration of 233 PSUs to our Managed Firewall service represent substantive progress toward realizing this strategic ambition.

Our notable growth prompted team expansion, with the Security and Security Operations teams adding eight members in the past year. The success in cybersecurity is attributed to the collective dedication of the entire MCNC team. The collaborative efforts among Security, Security Operations, Client Network Engineering, Network Management, Legal, Human Resources, and Customer Advocacy teams played a crucial role in our achievements. We appreciate each team member's commitment and anticipate ongoing success in cybersecurity.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the broader community of North Carolina and to all who entrust us with their cybersecurity needs. Your ongoing support is vital, and we are grateful for the opportunity to deliver best-in-class services. With your trust, we look forward to continuing our commitment to excellence and collectively enhancing cybersecurity across our shared digital landscape. Thank you for being essential partners in our journey.

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