The 12 Days of Broadband Reflections: 2011-2020

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For ten consecutive years, MCNC has highlighted a dozen broadband-related stories from the calendar year to create the 12 Days of Broadband. These annual articles are a nice way to end the year, recap MCNC’s own top activities and accomplishments as well as feature important news from our clients and other regional, state, and national broadband organizations.

The 11th anniversary of the 12 Days of Broadband will commence this year on Dec. 2 and continue through Dec. 17. As you await a fresh set of stories for 2021, we invite you to peruse the early years to see how the campaign has evolved, what’s changed over the last decade, jog a few memories as well as get your thinking about the future.

Throughout the ten years you will notice at least one commonality – they all are a positive view of that year’s state of broadband. So, join us in a 12 Days of Broadband reflection now while we await the new stories coming soon for what has been an unprecedented 2021.

MCNC Admin
MCNC Admin

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