MCNC protects against today's cyber threats and prepares your organization for what's next

MCNC’s Security solutions portfolio has been developed to solve tough security challenges for community anchor institutions.

With over 40 years of supporting anchor institutions, MCNC continues to collaborate with its clients and the vendor community to design, develop, and deliver technology services from the network layer to the individual. MCNC’s cybersecurity experts are available to provide security consulting from program review to helping fill gaps with an on-site CISO.

Security Solutions

Secure Application Access
Cloud-based service that gives users secure, straightforward access to specific applications without the need for access to your network.

Enhanced DDoS Protection

As part of any Internet connection, a robust DDoS protection service is essential, which is why MCNC provides this service free of charge to all its clients that subscribe to MCNC’s Internet service.

On NCREN, MCNC’s backbone network, traffic is continually monitored for indicators of DDoS attacks. When an attack is detected, network traffic can be diverted into the nearest scrubbing center, where traffic can be analyzed and cleaned.

DDoS attack traffic is removed from the flow, allowing legitimate network traffic to continue on to its destination. The scrubbing centers remove the bad traffic and allow the good traffic to continue on to the client, ensuring that business services function normally while minimizing the negative impact of the DDoS attack.

If you are a current MCNC Internet service client, consider enrolling in MCNC’s DDoS Auto-Mitigation free of charge for maximum protection. When Auto-Mitigation is enabled and a DDoS attack is detected, the impacted traffic flow will be directed into one of MCNC’s DDoS scrubbing centers automatically, allowing attack mitigation to begin within a few seconds of attack detection. Once the attack has subsided, traffic flow will automatically return to its normal path on the network. To subscribe or get more information, see the FAQ for more details on Auto-Mitigation.

To enroll in MCNC’s DDoS Auto-Mitigation Service, please review the terms here and complete the online enrollment form. 


Security Resources

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Security Services

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We were very satisfied with our recent Cyber Hygiene Assessment performed by MCNC. It provided an independent look at our operations and made us notice deficiencies that we had not yet discovered or considered. Thank you for making this service available to school systems."

Dave Scherping

Assistant Superintendent/Technology Director
Polk County Schools

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