Active Vulnerability Analysis

Active Vulnerability Analysis (AVA) is an automated service that continuously finds vulnerabilities on your internal and external network and provides you with the information on how to fix the vulnerabilities.

NEW FEATURE: Internal Network Scanning

MCNC is proud to release its internal network scanning capability as part of the Active Vulnerability Analysis service.

We’ve enhanced the service by including a virtual vulnerability management appliance to scan your internal network. This new feature will continue to use the Kenna Security Platform to calculate your risk and display your vulnerabilities on a prioritized web-based dashboard. Clients will manage their internal network scanning while MCNC will manage your external network scanning.

Contact us for a quote today to add this feature to your existing AVA service or to subscribe to the full featured AVA service.

Why AVA from MCNC Security?

Easy to Subscribe and Initiate

Security experts at MCNC make setup and use a breeze

NEW: Locate Vulnerabilities on Your Internal Network

AVA service now includes both external and internal network scanning for a complete service

Know Your Security Risk Score

Advanced technology and real-world data that serves as a compass for all risk operations

Dashboard & Reporting

Customized and fully automated workflow that produces essential cyber risk reporting and evaluation

Smart Remediation

Actionable measurements that guide remediation efforts and resource allocation

Low-Cost High-Impact

A comprehensive vulnerability management solution at a fraction of the cost

How it Works

Network Scans

AVA service scans your internal and external network for vulnerabilities, calculates risk, prioritizes which issues to address, displays the information in a web-based dashboard, and updates the risk score based on your response and/or newly discovered issues. MCNC will provide you with a virtual vulnerability management appliance to deploy inside your network in order to scan your internal network. MCNC will scan your external network, as defined by you, using vulnerability scanning infrastructure hosted in the MCNC data center. You will manage the internal network scanning, and MCNC will manage the external network scanning.

The network scans will run continuously and the results are automatically imported into the Kenna Security Platform. The Kenna Security Platform uses 15+ exploit intelligence feeds, a knowledge base of 3+ billion (and growing) managed vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry, and predictive modeling to provide the most informed and accurate risk prioritization available. These risk scores use machine learning to discover which vulnerabilities are actively being used in successful breaches, how easily breached a vulnerability is, how popular a specific exploit is, and, if malware exists to exploit a specific vulnerability.

Ongoing Monitoring

A customized web portal is provided specifically for your organization. Once signed into the web portal, you will see your systems identified in the scans, the vulnerabilities present on those assets, and prioritized remediation advice based on risk score. The prioritization makes it simple to know which vulnerabilities you should address first, as they pose the highest risk vulnerability. As issues are remediated, your organization’s risk scores will improve and updated automatically.

The scanning is continuous and automated; therefore, you will see your most current vulnerabilities and risk score data each time you sign into your web portal.

Expand AVA Service

Base package includes 100 IP addresses to scan and monitor. The 100 IP addresses can include both internal and external public facing IP (network perimeter) addresses.

Additional sets of IP addresses can be purchased as needed.

Ready to get started?

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Active Vulnerability Analysis

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We were very satisfied with our recent Cyber Hygiene Assessment performed by MCNC. It provided an independent look at our operations and made us notice deficiencies that we had not yet discovered or considered. Thank you for making this service available to school systems."

Dave Scherping

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Polk County Schools
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