DNS Security Filtering

DNS Security Filtering is a cloud-based security service powered in collaboration with Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector solution.

Benefits of DNS Security Filtering

Easy to Deploy

Preconfigured settings make installation and use a breeze.

Robust and Reliable

Built on the carrier grade Akamai Enterprise Threat Protection Platform.

Low-Cost High-Impact

Pay only for full-time employees, but get the coverage for the ENTIRE network.

Strong Network Defense

Provides a high security value through a filtered DNS Server.

No Hardware Required

On-site equipment is not needed, making integration seamless.

Known Threat Protection

Malware, Phishing, Command and Control (Botnet), DNS Exfiltration

How it Works

Checking Requested Domains

The service protects against malware, ransomware, phishing, and DNS data exfiltration by automatically checking requested domains against Akamai’s real-time domain risk scoring engine. Domains and IP addresses associated with malicious sites will not be resolved, preventing users from accessing the malicious sites.

Dashboard Portal Features

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Management Page – Policies are easily managed and changed.

DNS Security Filtering Dashboard – Allows users to quickly identify threats and begin implementing solutions.

Security Policy Configuration Page – Where the 4 threat categories are configured (Malware, Phishing, C&C and DNS Exfiltration).

Key Monitoring Features

Real Time Threat Intelligence – Up-to-the-minute threat intelligence with low false positives.

AUP Management – Customize and enforce your enterprise AUP and ensure compliance by limiting access to certain content categories.

Analysis and Reporting – Real-time insight via an easy-to-use dashboard into all outbound enterprise DNS traffic.

Security Insights – Quickly understand why Akamai has added a domain or a URL to its threat intelligence lists.

Logging – DNS logs are retained for 30 days and can easily be exported as a .CSV file or integrated into a SIEM for further analysis.

Enterprise Connectors – Endpoint client, Sinkhole, and ETP Proxy features available at no additional cost.

Ready to get started?

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DNS Security Filtering

DNS Security Filtering (pdf)

DNS Security Filtering Service – Webinar and Demo

DNS Security Filtering – Onboarding Instructions

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