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Colocation provides the opportunity for a client to pass off part of the costs and responsibilities while still having full control over what they need and want to store.

Benefits of Colocation

Multiple Locations

Data Centers available in RTP and Rosman, NC

Secure Facilities

24x7x365 Securely monitored facility

Tier 3 Facility in RTP

Dual-powered and multiple 10 Gig uplinks

Extension of Your Network

Ideal location for disaster recovery or business continuity

How it Works

Service Overview

With data centers located in RTP and Rosman, North Carolina, MCNC’s Colocation services provide a client the ability to pass off part of the costs and responsibilities while still having full control over what they need and want to store. Through this service, clients are able to improve network performance, strengthen disaster recovery, and increase redundancy and business continuity.

Base Service Includes

Customize your colocation service to include multiple racks, different levels of power, and upgrade to a 10 Gbps connection to your cabinet.

The base colocation service includes the following:

  • Four post, lockable, 19″ wide, 42U high and 36″ deep EIA cabinet enclosures fully dedicated for use by the client.
  • Two 20-AMP power circuits with NEMA 5-20R receptacles per cabinet.
  • One 1 Gbps Ethernet uplink port with IP address, per cabinet.

Expand Colocation Service

  • Industry standard first line of defense firewall services.
  • Fully featured load balancer can be added to the service to manage multitude of services, where traffic is diverted in the most efficient way.
  • SAN storage is available within the MCNC Data Center.

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