MCNC Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting

All your server hosting needs provided by a certified, experienced team of system and networking experts to facilitate design, installation and operation of your systems hosted in MCNC’s Data Center.

Cost Effective

Lowest price per rack-unit

Secure Facilities

24x7x365 Securely monitored facility

Hardware Installation

Assemble, rack mount, and cable your server hardware

Remote Hands

Assist with system reboots, tape changes, etc

Hardware Repairs

Install replacement parts for major components

Uptime Monitoring and Alerting

Notify your staff of specific network ports/services in case of downtime

Service Overview

Managed hosting includes the full range of professional hosting services, including performance monitoring, advanced digital diagnostics, system tuning, architecture assessments and planning, and IT management assessment and planning. These services can be customized to support your organization.

Customized Packages

Clients can select any of the following services to create a solution that works for their organization.

Options include: Troubleshooting and triaging, hardware ordering and installation, operating system installation and upgrades, review of log files, recommend and install critical OS and other patches, performance monitoring, advanced diagnostics, system tuning, architecture and IT management assessment and planning, and more.

  • Performance Monitoring includes automated collection and assessment of run-time application performance and altering through specified escalation lists when thresholds are exceeded.
  • Advanced Diagnostics includes proactive measures based on defined metrics with your staff to identify malfunctions and other system performance issues before they cause service affecting issues.
  • System Tuning includes recommendations, based on diagnostic information, to systems parameters and hardware configurations to improve system performance and resiliency.

Expand Managed Hosting

  • Industry standard first line of defense firewall services.
  • Fully featured load balancer to manage multitude of services, where traffic is diverted in the most efficient way.
  • SAN storage is available within the MCNC Data Center.

Ready to get started?

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Network Advisory Consulting

Experts Ready to Help

MCNC’s network consultants are available to assist with your networking needs.

Network Advisory Consulting

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Highly reliable service with great customer service and support.”

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Offsite Storage & Disaster Recovery

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NCREN: Superior Internet, Service and Support

For over 35 years, MCNC's network, NCREN, has provided its clients with full-duplex high-speed broadband Internet services.

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