Voice over Internet (VoIP)

In collaboration with Carolina Digital Phone, NWN, and True IP Solutions, MCNC provides the network infrastructure to support traditional telephone services and unified communications over an IP network for better performance and lower cost that comes with leveraging your connection to MCNC’s network, NCREN.

Benefits of VoIP


Direct private peering with low latency and on-network voice traffic

Diverse Workforce

Supports both in-house and remote workforce

Advanced Features

Auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, and more

Web-based Portal

Easy to administer and monitor phone service

Unified Communications

Customized to meet your needs


Technical and end-user support

How it Works

Service Overview

MCNC interconnects directly with Carolina Digital Phone, NWN, and True IP Solutions to provide phone service and unified communications to its clients. MCNC’s clients work directly with one of these providers to subscribe to their suite of communications services. Carolina Digital Phone, NWN, and True IP Solutions will work with MCNC’s engineering staff if any specific network configuration is required to support the client’s phone service through the MCNC network, NCREN.

All sales and support are provided by the communications service provider. Please contact them directly for a consultation and a quote. Let the sales representative know that your organization is connected to the MCNC network, NCREN.

Carolina Digital Phone is committed to serving schools, government agencies, and businesses with the highest quality voice solutions available. Our all-in-one solution provides you with a flexible communication plan that is affordable, future-proof, and ready to go.

Carolina Digital Phone has been delivering institutions in North Carolina a highly scalable and secure solution with a focus on top-notch, local, customer service. With our private peering connection to the MCNC network in Greensboro, your voice traffic will have better-quality audio, a more secure connection, and more reliable up-time.

Start experiencing reliable VoIP today with a service you can depend on!

For more information and to speak to a local voice engineer, call us today at (336) 544-4000 or visit Carolina Digital Phone to get more information.

NWN has over 25 years of experience providing and supporting secure unified communications solutions offering next – gen collaboration capabilities. Their integrated solution combines all modes of communications and is simple to consume, use, and manage. NWN’s delivery models are flexible and include public, private or can be delivered as a hybrid cloud solution. NWN’s automated provisioning and proactive support allows MCNC’s clients to get out of the phone business and focus on the core needs of their organization.

NWN delivers secure innovation adoption at scale for leading commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations throughout the U.S. through their solution-as-a-service platform, providing a unified customer experience with integrated offerings for unified communications, security, contact center, DaaS (Device-as-a-Service), and Intent-based networking.

For more information, to speak with a voice expert or schedule a consultation, please visit NWN’s website or call 919.653.4400. We look forward to working with MCNC’s clients.

True IP Solutions was founded to provide a fresh and flexible approach and future-proof Unified Communications solutions that are affordable by all sizes of organizations. True IP Solutions provide solutions for many educational, government and other community anchor institutions to provide a unified communications platform, which is substantially less expensive than traditional analog phone service.

True IP Solutions team of network engineers and technicians, are certified by Cisco and Microsoft, developing communications solutions. Having a private peering connection to the MCNC network, it gives us the advantage that your voice traffic will stay on-net providing better quality audio and a more secure network connection.

For more information and to speak with a voice engineer call them today at: 855-878-8477 or to schedule a consultation and get additional information visit True IP Solutions website for more information.

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