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MCNC’s owned and operated network, NCREN (North Carolina Research and Education Network), has been providing exclusive, high-speed broadband Internet access for over 35 years, granting our clients access to national research networks such as Internet2 and direct private peering to global content providers.

Included as part of your MCNC Internet Connection

24x7x365 Network Operation Center (NOC)

Proactive and responsive North Carolina based support

Domain Name Service (DNS)

Primary and/or secondary service

IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses

Public IP addresses provided

Enhanced DDoS Protection

Detects and mitigates DDoS attacks

Website Failover

Backup-website available as part of your Internet connection

Multiple Diverse Commodity Internet Connections

High capacity geographically diverse connections to Tier 1 commodity Internet service providers

Access to Internet2 Network

Access to the nation's largest and fastest, coast-to-coast research and education network

Real Time Utilization Graphs

Portal access to utilization & latency graphs, and active tickets

Superior Internet and Great Service & Support

Broadband Internet


MCNC is one of the longest running regional network service providers in the nation. For over 35 years, MCNC’s network, NCREN, has provided its clients with full-duplex high-speed broadband Internet services. The network, NCREN, has redundant nodes and Internet transport providers distributed throughout North Carolina, delivering a highly available network experience for all its clients connected to the network, NCREN. In addition, all MCNC clients are connected to the Internet2 network, which is the nation’s premier coast-to-coast research and education network.

Broadband Internet connection options are available from 10 Mbps up to 100 Gbps, and provided over various technology options and are e-rate eligible. MCNC can provide service anywhere in the state of North Carolina, either directly by its fiber infrastructure or through collaboration with a carrier. As part of the Internet service, clients will receive at no additional cost: IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, domain name services (DNS), DDoS protection, Website Failover, and access to the Internet2 network.

24x7x365 Network Operations Center

MCNC’s world class NOC is centrally located in RTP – NC, providing proactive continuous monitoring of the backbone and the network connections to MCNC’s statewide network, NCREN. Each client connected to the network can call the NOC anytime of day, including holidays, for network support. In a proactive state of monitoring, the NOC will be alerted if there is a network problem, and if so, the network client will be contacted before they even notice there is a network connection problem.

Enhanced DDoS Protection

World-class DDoS protection capabilities for clients connected to MCNC’s network, NCREN, is included as part of your Internet service. The backbone network traffic is monitored around the clock to detect any indicators of DDoS attacks. When an attack is detected, network traffic can be diverted into the nearest scrubbing center, where traffic can be analyzed and cleaned.

DDoS attack traffic is eliminated from the flow, allowing authentic network traffic to continue on to the targeted address. In short, the scrubbing centers remove the malicious traffic and allow the desired traffic to continue traveling to the targeted address, ensuring that business services function normally while reducing the negative impact of the DDoS attack.

Enroll in MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Auto-Mitigation

If you are a current MCNC Internet service client, consider enrolling in MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Auto-Mitigation free of charge for maximum protection. When Auto-Mitigation is enabled and a DDoS attack is detected, the impacted traffic flow will be directed into one of MCNC’s DDoS scrubbing centers automatically, allowing attack mitigation to begin within a few seconds of attack detection. Once the attack has subsided, traffic flow will automatically return to its normal path on the network. To subscribe or get more information, see the FAQ for more details on Auto-Mitigation.

To enroll in MCNC’s DDoS Auto-Mitigation Service, please review the terms here and complete the online enrollment form. 

Access to the Internet2 Community

As a client of MCNC’s Internet service, your organization has access to the Internet2 Community Anchor Program (CAP), which brings together Internet2 member institutions and innovators from K-12, public libraries, colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, museums, and other cultural and performing arts organizations, to extend advanced networking, new technologies, content, and services across all educational sectors to improve people’s lives, no matter where they are located.

Visit Internet2’s Community Anchor Program to learn more and get involved.

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We have been extremely pleased with MCNC's service and the cost savings it provides that we now have every one of our locations on an MCNC connection to their backbone, NCREN.
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