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MCNC’s High-speed Economies for Rural Opportunity (HERO) Project will directly support improvements to broadband access and affordability across central and southeastern North Carolina. When complete, HERO will extend MCNC’s reach via the construction of 209 miles of new middle mile fiber through substantially unserved and underserved areas, including some of the highest poverty areas in the state. 

As the HERO Project progresses, our collection of blogs below will spotlight the necessity and impact of this work to the state of North Carolina.

HERO Project Blog image Inspiring hopeInspiring hope in area codes left behind

Access to high-speed internet is essential for individuals, communities, and businesses to thrive modern North Carolina. Unfortunately, many rural areas still struggle with inadequate or non-existent broadband. However, there is reason for optimism with MCNC’s HERO (High Speed Economies for Rural Opportunities) Project. Read more >>>

HERO Project Blog photo lacking connectivityLacking connectivity comes with consequences

In today’s interconnected world having access to high-speed internet is essential for individuals, communities, and businesses. Unfortunately, there are still areas that lack broadband connectivity, which has consequences on economic growth and workforce development. Read more >>>

MCNC HERO Project blog image building relationshipsFY 2023 outlook – Building relationships, gaining influence, and taking action

MCNC has three important roles: convener, broker, and facilitator for community anchor institutions. MCNC aims to forge alliances that will provide communities throughout North Carolina with the tools and technologies to accomplish our mission while also actively exploring new avenues for growth and investment through partnerships and collaborations that align with eroding the digital divide and energizing prosperity. Read more >>>

HERO Project Blog Image Education

Empowering students, teachers through broadband

In recent years, high-speed internet has become a staple in education across the country – providing teachers with ready access to tools, technology and constant contact with students, and students with access to research, experts, and classmates at the click of a mouse. But many schools in rural areas have fallen behind due to their lack of connectivity. MCNC’s HERO Project aims to change all that, bringing ALL parts of North Carolina into the digital fold, making this the best back-to-school year ever. Read more >>>

HERO Project Blog Public Safety

Making rural NC safer through Broadband

In emergencies, every second counts. Clear, quick, and reliable communications between first responders and those in need can truly make the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, many residents of rural regions of central and southeastern North Carolina don’t enjoy the power of a robust broadband infrastructure, and the public safety they enjoy—and the services first responders can provide—suffers as a result. MCNC’s HERO Project seeks to change this by bringing reliable broadband access, unlocking new opportunities for first response, and transforming the way emergencies are managed in these regions. Read more >>>

HERO Blog image healthcareThe high-speed cure for NC’s digital health divide

In the heart of the picturesque landscapes of central and southeastern North Carolina, a critical challenge has been quietly unfolding. While urban areas thrive with technological advancements, the lack of robust broadband infrastructure in rural regions like these areas has hindered a vital aspect of everyday life: health care. The digital divide, once a buzzword, has manifested as a stark reality for countless North Carolinians residing in remote communities. However, theHERO Project by MCNC aims to provide a high-speed cure to poor health outcomes in rural North Carolina. Read more >>>

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