HERO Project: New year, new opportunities as MCNC expands broadband

HERO Blog #10
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A new year brings ideas of fresh beginnings for personal and professional advancement. Expanding broadband connections to unserved and underserved communities often overlooked in North Carolina will help so many shape their ambitions and goals for self-improvement in 2024. Our HERO Project will support and transform several rural regions in North Carolina this year, paving the way for an inclusive and prosperous future for all. 

Revolutionizing Resolutions

As the calendar turns to another year, many craft resolutions aimed at enriching their personal lives. Whether it involves pursuing education to acquire new skills or exploring entrepreneurial ventures, realizing these aspirations is frequently intertwined with access to broadband. Unfortunately for those residing in areas that lack this level of connectivity, achieving professional growth and success becomes challenging. 

e-Citizenry in the 21st Century

Broadband is important to effectively access information and communication technologies that help citizens be productive as well as engaged in the world around them. We all play a role in promoting e-citizenship through digital literacy, civic participation, social responsibility, and economic development. Not having broadband excludes people from participating in today’s digital world and further exacerbates inequality.

Supporting NC’s Knowledge Workforce

The desire for personal growth often times involves education, and broadband serves as the high-speed pathway to life-long learning. Its significance cannot be overstated. The absence of it hampers the ability to seize opportunities and pursue knowledge or professional certifications. Broadband also opens the doors for high-paying jobs, remote work and/or entrepreneurial endeavors. In regions without broadband infrastructure remote work simply is not feasible while the obstacles for starting or expanding a business are magnified. 

Broadband as a Bridge Builder

This metaphor is about connecting lives – bridging the digital divide, connecting families and friends, and building communities. Personal and professional development is frequently accelerated through networking and mentoring, and broadband effectivity supports virtual events, webinars, online forums, and many other platforms and programs that help people link up with like-minded professionals around the world. In areas without high-speed internet these options simply remain out of reach.

Gateway to Global Perspectives

In today's interconnected world, broadband internet access has become more than just a tool for entertainment and communication. It has evolved into a powerful gateway to a wealth of diverse perspectives and experiences, broadening our understanding of the world and ourselves. Broadband serves as a window to the world that fosters cultural exchanges and exposure. For growth purposes having the ability to explore viewpoints, engage in online communities, and immerse oneself in different cultures is invaluable.

Ramping up in 2024

The undeniable transformative impact of broadband on professional growth compels us to advocate for connectivity that empowers people to pursue their dreams, overcome obstacles, and foster a sense of inclusivity in their journey towards personal and career advancement. For more than 40 years, MCNC has proactively met the technology needs for citizens in North Carolina, been a consistent leader in innovation, and served as a catalyst for technology-based economic development. When complete, our HERO Project will extend MCNC’s network another 209 miles through substantially unserved and underserved areas, including some of the highest poverty areas in the state. It’s going to be an exciting year for MCNC and this project!

Happy New Year!

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