PaperCut MF & PaperCut NG – Several Upcoming Critical Security Patches

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Date of Notice: 03/11/2024

Action Level - High


PaperCut has released a recent security advisory concerning their products: PaperCut MF & PaperCut NG. No details have been released as of yet except that critical patches are being released on March 14th that are recommended to apply immediately to all devices running either product.

Please visit the vendor advisory linked below for the original notification posted on 03/08/2024.

Fixed Versions

All current versions of PaperCut MF & NG are vulnerable to undisclosed vulnerabilities. The upcoming release will address these security issues.

Attack Vector

Unknown as of yet (03/08/2024)

Attack Feasibility 



Apply the security patch to the impacted versions.

Vendor Resources


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