MCNC Enhanced DDoS Protection Capabilities

In response to increased threats of DDoS attacks, MCNC has made a significant investment in develoDDoS protectionping and implementing world-class DDoS protection capabilities for NCREN customers. MCNC has updated the NCREN backbone with advanced traffic routing capabilities and has deployed multiple DDoS scrubbing centers on the network.


MCNC Security Advisory 2015.001

In August 2015, details began to emerge about an increase in network traffic using the RPC Portmapper service. Research into this increase in traffic patterns indicates that attackers are starting to abuse systems with open RPC Portmapper services to direct large volumes of attack traffic at their intended targets.

MCNC Security Advisory 2014.001

In late December 2013, details began to emerge about an increase in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks leveraging a weakness in older versions of Network Time Protocol (NTP) server software. The weakness allows an attacker to send requests to vulnerable NTP servers and cause those servers to direct large volumes of data at intended targets.