MCNC Web Security

Welcome to MCNC Web Security Service

The information provided in this webspace provides information about this service and shares related documentation. Please note that the Web Security Service is currently only offered for public K-12.


The MCNC Internet access service includes integrated, cloud-based web security functionality for Web Content Filtering and Advanced Security Protection. Cloud-based security provides a very cost effective solution with no hardware cost or maintenance overhead, no client software to install, and the shared savings of a multi-tenant solution. The multi-tenant environment allows LEAs and charter schools to manage and customize their web security policies.

The MCNC web security solution can be used by a LEA or charter school to replace or compliment their existing content filtering solution. A LEA or charter school that wishes to keep their existing content filtering solution can still take advantage of the security protection features to provide an additional layer of security around their network perimeter. A LEA or charter school may also elect to only use the web security solution for remote and mobile clients.

MCNC has partnered with Zscaler to provide the web security solution. This cloud service is offered by redirecting web traffic to Zscaler Enforcement Nodes (ZENs) that function as inline proxies to enforce filtering policy and provide security protection. Zscaler has extended their security cloud by installing two private ZENs on the NCREN network that will be dedicated to handling MCNC client traffic.

This webspace outlines the features provided by the service, an overview the deployment methodology and other topics that technical directors will want to consider.