Network Troubleshooting

Our proactive approach to monitoring and maintaining the network includes around the clock, 24x7x365 monitoring of the network and equipment. When there is a problem, frequently it will be identified by our technical team prior to receipt of a call for help from our client.

Our main objective is to maintain a high performance level of your network. It is our goal to provide you efficient, effective, and reliable technical support. To help us help you, please use the procedures described below.

How to get technical support for NCREN?

Initial contact: End users from school systems should contact their local technical contact first and follow applicable local policies and procedures specific to their organization.

Reporting the problem to MCNC: The school system's technical contact will report the problem to MCNC. Please visit our Contact Page for more information.

Joint Problem Examination: MCNC will engage applicable participants to remedy the problem. The Network Operations Center (NOC) staff will work together with the school system's technical contact, DPI, DIT, Telco, and/or other necessary organizations. Although the root of many problems may be related to power issues, hardware malfunctions, and/or Telco-related, further research may be required to identify the problem and investigate on a case by case basis. Escalation will be performed as deemed necessary.

How do you contact us?

Please visit our Contact and Support Information home page.

What information should clients collect before contacting NCREN Technical Support?

The discovery of the problem and background information is important. Gather as much information as possible relevant to the perceived problem. Prior to calling the NOC, be sure to check the following:

  • Power and cable connections
  • Any recent changes to the network such as adding, removing, upgrading or reconfiguring any of its elements.

Additionally, provide as much of the following information as possible to facilitate a more efficient discussion with our technical support team:

  • A detailed description of the failure
  • The problem impact (ie. - appear to be limited to a server, a portion of users or the whole network)
  • A description of any action already taken to attempt to resolve the problem.

Problem Resolution and Communication after contacting NCREN:

NCREN will provide you with a high level of technical troubleshooting and problem resolution. We will communicate with you throughout the process.