Movi-Jabber - Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in the MCNC Movi-Jabber Client.

Movi-Jabber is downloadable video conferencing software that will run on a PC or MAC with use of a camera and audio device(s). Printable Version

Installation and Set up

You should visit the link to download the latest Movi-Jabber client (4.6) to your computer or to get the latest versions of the Movi-Jabber client (4.7 or 4.8):

Once loaded and launched (if MCNC's infrastructure information is not already embedded),



you'll need to enter the internal and external VCS into the client settings (under Advanced on the client window).

The external vcs is:
Internal is:
The domain is:

Your account login should have been mailed to you. Use this information to now login to your Movi-Jabber Client.



When the client comes up, it should detect your on-board or usb camera.
If you don't see your local video in a window, click on the video window icon that's to the right of your name on the Movi-Jabber client. Beside the video window icon there is a tool icon (On a PC). (On a Mac) click on the Movi-Jabber to open up preferences. When you select it that takes you to the Settings/Preferences window. Please un-check "Start Movi-Jabber at Window logon".

You can also use this window for setting your audio and video devices. Under Network you can set the incoming/outgoing bandwidth (default is 1Mbps). You place calls by typing the name or number in the dial space on the client. You can call other Movi-Jabber users by typing {username} You can also call them by using the History or Favorites list and clicking the green start button. You can call H.323 endpoints by typing it's IP address. You can also call conferences on our mcu by dialing the E.164 address (for a test session on our MCU dial 00112796060, you should see yourself in a monitor and a toy bird. When you talk, the bird should repeat what you say). Also, when you're in a call, if you mouse over the video window a tool bar pops up and the red end button is what you use to hang up (also one of the choices is to send a presentation). Below is a link to our resources for the MCNC Movi-Jabber Soft Client Service: Movi-Jabber Central