Movi-Jabber Account Management

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Movi-Jabber is now in production and the pilot has finished. This means that Movi-Jabber is now a service available to NCREN customers for purchase. Here is information on how to manage your Movi-Jabber account whether you are new to Movi-Jabber or if you participated in the pilot phase.

New Accounts

NCREN customers can purchase new Movi-Jabber license orders or add new accounts by visiting the Movi-Jabber License Signup page. Log in and sign up is required to establish a new account. Service will become effective on the day after payment (if by PayPal) has been made or on the day following acceptance by MCNC if payment is made by purchase order.

Upon completion of the signup, a confirmation is sent for new accounts with directions to get you started and manage your account.

Renewal and Existing Licenses

Users that participated in the Movi-Jabber pilot can renew their accounts by using this link This is also where you can go to add, delete, and/or change details of any account. Log in is required for account access.

Manage Movi-Jabber Account Details

Once created, Movi-Jabber account details including display name, username, email address, and password can be changed at any time. We provide two ways to edit Movi-Jabber account details:

  1. The purchaser of a set of licenses can edit the details of all the accounts they purchased together in one convenient form. To do so, the purchaser should log in at and click the manage link next to the set of accounts to be edited. The purchaser would then see a form for editing the details for all accounts in that order. For orders with more than one account, a convenient and optional auto-population form is provided at the top for prefilling any details that should be the same across all accounts. This may be helpful, for example, for resetting all passwords and other account details at the beginning of a new course.
  2. A Movi-Jabber account holder (who may or may not be the purchaser) in possession of a Movi-Jabber username and password can use those credentials to edit that Movi account's details. This option is accessible by visiting (no login required) and clicking the Manage an Individual License link near the top of the page. Continuing the example above, this could be useful when allowing students in a course to personalize their own Movi-Jabber account information.

Movi-Jabber Account Passwords

Passwords can be changed along with all other Movi-Jabber account details using either of the options outlined in the Manage Movi-Jabber Account Details section above.

IMPORTANT: Forgotten passwords can only be changed by the account purchaser (using option 1 in the Manage Movi-Jabber Account Details section above).

Payment Options

The price for Movi-Jabber is $15.00 per Movi-Jabber account per month. Payment options include PayPal (using a PayPal account or paying as a guest using a credit card) or Purchase Orders. The following conditions apply:

  • PayPal purchases can be for any quantity (up to 200 maximum licenses) and for any duration of months (up to 12 months).
  • Purchase Orders will be accepted for a minimum of 50 and up to 100 accounts. The service term must be 12 months to set up this payment option.

Questions and Other Important Information

To learn more about Movi-jabber, equipment requirements, pricing, and general information, visit Movi-Jabber Central. A description of Movi-Jabber is also available in our service catalog. Use the web-based user Forums to discuss topics of interest and ask questions.