Domain Name Services

What types of Domain Name Service (DNS) does NCREN offer?

NCREN provides authoritative and/or recursive resolution DNS for our customers. When we provide authoritative DNS, our servers provide any combination of primary, secondary and tertiary services for customer domains. Our recursive servers can be used by your client machines or as a forwarder. Please note that our nameservers only answer recursive requests from NCREN connected IP space.
Our authoritative servers are: ( ( (
Our recursive servers are: ( - RTP, NC) ( - RTP, NC) ( - Charlotte, NC)

How do I request authoritative and/or recursive service?

If you would like us to provide authoritative primary, secondary or tertiary DNS for your domain(s), please submit a web request letting us know the type of service (primary, secondary and/or tertiary) and provide the following information:

Primary Service:

If you would like us to provide primary service, please provide us with the name of domain(s) and a list of all initial entries you would like to be visible in the global DNS. As part of this service offering you can directly make changes to your DNS zone(s) using our web based DNS User Interface and/or we can assist you in making any needed changes.

Secondary or Tertiary Service:

If you would like secondary or tertiary service only, please provide us with the name of the domain(s) and the IP address(es) of the primary server(s). For us to provide secondary DNS hosting, your domain(s) would need to be configured to allow transfers to the NCREN authoritative DNS servers (listed above). If your primary DNS server is behind a firewall you would also need to permit access via udp and tcp on port 53 for the NCREN authoritative DNS servers.

Recursive Service:

For recursive service, no request is necessary. The list of recursive servers above can be used by any NCREN-connected institution.

We will switch to NCREN soon and want you to provide our authoritative DNS. What is the preferred way to switch our domains to NCREN?

We prefer to switch your authoritative DNS to our servers at least one week PRIOR to your cut-over to NCREN. The benefits are twofold: we don't have to time the Registrar (Network Solutions, GoDaddy, etc.) change and we can lower the TTLs (time to live) on all your records so that at cut-over time, DNS propagation can occur within minutes insead of hours.
The way we do this is by configuring our servers as authoritative and answering queries for your domain(s) with the same data as your current provider's name servers are responding with. We will notify you once our server configuration is complete and you can then initiate the nameserver record change with your Registrar.

What does NCREN need from you to make this happen?

- A list of the domains for which you would like for us to be authoritative - All current entries for each domain, with a matching list of what those entries should be at cut-over time.

How do I request changes to our DNS?

If your account has already been configured you can make the change using our DNS User Interface. If you prefer for MCNC to make changes for your domain you may submit a web request requesting the change. Please include the domain name as part of the subject for the request. For after hours support or immediate assistance you may call 919-248-4111.

How long do modifications typically take?

We do our best to respond within four business hours but it may take us up to one business day to enact the requested change. We are more than willing to make changes after hours but do request as much advance notice as possible for off-hours changes. In general, planning major DNS changes (i.e., MX record modifications) with us ahead of time will allow for TTLs to be lowered and better results.

We have been assigned IP address space from NCREN. Will you delegate authority for the (reverse) zone to us?

We do allow delegation of reverse zones. Please submit a web request and provide the hostname(s) of the server(s) to which the zone should be delegated. We are also willing to provide secondary/tertiary DNS for the reverse zone.

I have a domain and do not know who the Registrar is. Can you help?

Look no further! MCNC is the Registrar for and has been for many years.

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