Circuit ID: What are they?

NCREN circuit IDs are used by our network operations team to uniquely identify connections and quickly get relevant information. They can assist our team in troubleshooting problems and correctly associating issues and tickets with the appropriate organizations.

Circuit ID Naming Convention

There are three fields in an NCREN circuit ID.

  1. The first number indicates the origin.
  2. The second number indicates the destination.
  3. The third number uniquely identifies circuits with the same endpoints.

One commonality that you might see on customer circuits is the second number being 99. This is to indicate that the circuit is a customer serving circuit.

Circuit IDs and Tickets

When viewing the NCREN Community Portal, you can look at the trouble tickets that we have documented for a particular organization. These tickets will have a circuit ID that is used to associate a service for a customer to the organization in our database. For some tickets, there will be more than one circuit ID. Multiple circuit IDs on a ticket indicate that more than one customer was affected by a particular ticket.