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MCNC is pleased to offer a new state of the art soft client called Movi-Jabber, which allows a reasonably current PC or MAC to fully participate in point-to-point and multi-point video communications. With this and other advancements, MCNC now provides customers several additional services that support the use of Cisco TelePresence technologies. Movi-Jabber is a Cisco soft client incorporated into the recently updated NCREN video services platform. Users may connect to other users (point-to-point) and may participate in video conferences (multi-point) scheduled by others.

What is Movi-Jabber?

Movi-Jabber is downloadable video conferencing software that will run on a PC or Mac by installing the software onto your computer and using a camera and audio device(s), Movi-Jabber allows you to have video conferences with one or more participants, providing each participant with the ability to hear and see the other attendees. Additionally, any Movi-Jabber user in a conference may share any running application on her/his computer screen in real time with other participants. Movi-Jabber users may dial other Movi-Jabber users directly, or by leveraging MCNC's robust network, connect in to multipoint conferences (three or more participants) using MCNC’s video networking infrastructure. Movi-Jabber users may also use MCNC’s Video Services to participate in conferences with standards-based video conferencing equipment from other manufacturers, including Cisco/Tandberg (including Cisco Telepresence), Polycom, Sony, LifeSize and others.

This class of application is called a “soft client” because it provides (via software) the capabilities of a video codec (coder-decoder), which is needed for any video installation (room, endpoint).

Requirements of Service:

User must have:

  • access to a high speed internet connection (recommended minimum 368kb in each direction),
  • a PC or MAC which is 3 years old or newer, and
  • a web cam (which is built into most recent PC/MACs).

Users intending to participate in multi-point video conferences should check requirements for that service.


All NCREN institutions and their users are eligible for these services.


The price for Movi-Jabber is $15.00 per Movi-Jabber account per month.

Payment can be made through PayPal and Purchase Orders. The following conditions apply:

  • PayPal purchases can be for any quantity (up to 200 maximum licenses) and for any duration of months (up to 12 months).
  • Purchase Orders will be accepted for a minimum of 50 and up to 100 accounts. The service term must be 12 months to set up this payment option.

Terms and Conditions:

Terms & Conditions can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service. Users must adhere to the standard MCNC Authorized Use Policy as found here:

Availability and Commitments:

NCREN is committed to providing our users with a high-quality video conferencing experience. NCREN Video Network Control is staffed 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of eight MCNC-recognized holidays.

Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. (MCNC is also providing access to further information and user forums on the MCNC web site.)

Visit Movi-Jabber Central for additional details, articles, and steps on getting started.

Request for Service:

Visit our Movi-Jabber Account Management page to create a new order or if you are interested in continuing service from the pilot.


Support is available by submitting a web request.

Movi-Jabber Documentation:

Visit the Movi-Jabber Central in our Knowledgebase.