Video Maintenance & Service


Services include over the phone and on site visits as required. Onsite services include the troubleshooting, timing, and balancing of audio and video systems already in place as well as the installation and integration of new equipment. If problems found in troubleshooting are determined to be serviceable, either MCNC staff will make repairs or send to the manufacturer for factory repair services.

Requirements of Service:

Maintenance services are provided to sites covered under the UNC-GA contract and for those with annual maintenance agreements with MCNC. Some services may be rendered upon request on a time / materials basis.

Eligibility & Pricing:

There is no charge for maintenance and repair of equipment purchased, owned, and deployed by MCNC under the UNC-GA contract. All others would require an annual maintenance agreement with MCNC for rooms requiring service. Maintenance contract pricing will vary depending upon the size of the facility and type of service required.

Terms & Conditions:

Maintenance contracts are for a one year term and should be renewed at the beginning of each fiscal year. Repairs will be made only to equipment that has not exceeded serviceable life estimates and is considered to be cost effective to repair over replacement.

Availability & Commitments:

Maintenance is scheduled based on MCNC staff availability and availability of the room, equipment and staff at the scheduled site.

Request for Service:

For maintenance requests and scheduling contact a Video Engineering Staff member by emailing ComEng at To discuss an annual Video Maintenance contract contact Peter Valentine, Video Engineering Manager at 919-248-1464, or submit a web request.


Contact a Video Engineering Staff member by submitting a web request.