Video Facility Assessment


The Video Engineering staff can be scheduled to make an onsite assessment of your video facility. The assessment can include any or all of the following: video codec, audio and video equipment condition and serviceability, audio and video control systems evaluation, acoustical treatment and lighting assessments.

Requirements of Service:

Requirements of service may include any or all of the following: Access to all equipment integral to the operation of the video facility, access to all spaces relevant to the assessment, system documentation, and availability of a staff member familiar with the operation of the facility being assessed.

Eligibility & Pricing:

There are no charges for assessments of equipment purchased and installed by MCNC under the UNC-GA contract. Pricing information for other applications can be obtained by submitting a Request for Assessment.

Terms & Conditions:

MCNC Engineering Staff reserves the right to decline this service offering in any situation where we feel specific expertise on the part of MCNC is lacking or insufficient documentation and information is available for the equipment being assessed.

Availability & Commitments:

Assessments will be booked as schedules permit.

Request for Service:

To discuss and schedule Video Facility Assessments contact Peter Valentine, Video Engineering Manager at 919-248-1464, or submit a web request.


Contact a Video Engineering Staff member by submitting a web request.