Video Design & Consultation


MCNC staff has designed several conference and classroom equipment and wiring configurations for new room construction that can also be adapted for existing room upgrades. Designs are available for standard or high definition conferencing applications.

Requirements of Service:

Requirements of service may include any or all of the following: In the case where a new class or conference room is to be brought on line, full access to those spaces will be required as well as any pertinent building plans. In the case of existing room upgrades, all spaces, documentation, and equipment in use will need to be made accessible to MCNC staff to determine whether practical or suitable for integration into the proposed design.

Eligibility & Pricing:

Pricing information can be obtained by submitting a request for Design and Consultation Services.

Terms & Conditions:

MCNC Engineering Staff reserves the right to decline this service offering in any situation where we feel specific expertise on the part of MCNC is lacking, or in the case of upgrades to existing facilities, insufficient documentation and information is available for the successful integration of existing equipment into the new design.

Availability & Commitments:

Design and Consultation Services will be booked as schedules permit.

Request for Service:

To discuss and schedule Video Facility Design opportunities contact Peter Valentine, Video Engineering Manager at 919-248-1464, or submit a web request.


Contact a video Engineering Staff member by submitting a web request.