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A Forum is a platform where members can engage in on-line discussions around specific topics. The custom designed, K-20 Technology Forums reside on the MCNC website. The Technology Forums were developed by MCNC under the direction of the NC Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) with input from the K-12 community on topics that will be of interest to all education sectors in North Carolina.

The Technology Forums are designed to:

  1. introduce relevant technology information and enable moderated, interactive discussion of technology topics of interest in K20 education,
  2. enable and support a safe learning community of trusted professionals that would facilitate a culture of inquiry and knowledge exchange among valued members of the community, and
  3. create an environment that encourages community members to vet issues, research information, and build consensus in an effort to utilize technology resources in the most effective and efficient manner for the success of students and districts.

There are two community user types: contributor and moderator.

There are also Application Administrations, select MCNC staff, which handle technical issues and administration on the backend.

Forum contributors (any logged in user) have the following privileges and access.

  • Create new forum topic
  • Delete/Edit own forum topics
  • Post a comment on a forum topic
  • Reply to a comment
  • View forum statistics
  • View other comments
  • Rate content
  • Read/Write Private Messages
  • Use Smileys

Forum moderators have these additional privileges and access.

  • Lock a forum topic (no more posts)
  • Promote a topic to sticky
  • Create/delete/edit all forum topics that they are moderating including own

MCNC is uniquely positioned to convene North Carolina’s K-20 community and deploy this on-line forum service. It includes managing the Forums, bringing technical expertise to Forum content, and encouraging growth in usage of the service.

For more information, please visit our Technology Forums Knowledgebase.

Requirements of Service:

Although some content is visible for view without logging into the Forums, Logins are required to view and post to the forums. Login is required to fully participate and take advantage of our website forums functionality. This is also to protect the privacy of our user community.

Eligibility & Pricing:

This service is open to all North Carolina K20 community with a valid login and password. There is no fee to use this service.

Education and research entities seeking a similar, dedicated forum will be explored upon request and channeled through MCNC’s Innovation Funnel process if applicable.

Terms & Conditions:

Users of the Technology Forums are encouraged to read MCNC’s Privacy Policy which addresses questions regarding MCNC’s use of information captured on its website.

Availability & Commitments:

The Technology Forums are accessible 24x7 via the MCNC website.

Request for Service:

Please visit the Technology Forums to login and begin using this service.


Please visit our Technology Forums Knowledgebase for more information on using the Technology Forums. You may submit a web request if further assistance is required.