Satellite Downlink


NCREN has the capability to support satellite uplinks to a communications satellite via Microspace Communications. This is an economical alternative to using a satellite truck, studio or an uplink provider. An uplink can be used to distribute recorded or live broadcasts. Any persons can get uplink by going to the closest university that is connected to NCREN.

Requirements of Service:

The NCREN site should follow the procedures for requesting Point-to-Point & Multi-Point Sessions services.

The originating site should meet all of the customary standards for video conferencing on NCREN. The receiving site may have additional, more stringent requirements if the content is ultimately destined for broadcast.

Eligibility & Pricing:

A requirement of service is to contact Microspace Communications first to schedule the Satellite Uplink service. After the service is established with Microspace Communications, then contact us via Request for Service. Pricing and costs will be between the customer and Microspace Communications. MCNC serves as an intermediary. More information on eligibility and pricing can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Terms & Conditions:

MCNC arranges the connection to Microspace Communications, but is not responsible for the component that Microspace Communications provides. Terms & Conditions can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Availability & Commitments:

Please see our NCREN Video Quality Assurance Program for more information.

Request for Service:

Satellite Uplink sessions are scheduled by contacting Microspace Communications. You may submit a web request or call a member of the NCREN Video Scheduling Team at 919-248-1999 Monday through Friday 8am-5pm.


Technical support during the video session is available by calling NCREN Video Network Control at 919-248-1410.