Recorded/Archived Sessions


Many of NCREN participants found that recorded and archived sessions were useful in addition to the live presentations and sessions. Live video sessions can be recorded to a NCREN server upon request and then made available for playback streaming at the users convenience. DVD recordings are also available upon request for a fee. The majority of classes and conferences are recorded, so forget the VHS tapes lining up and taking space in your control room! Go green with NCREN and submit a Request for Service today!

Requirements of Service:

Requirements of Service can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Eligibility & Pricing:

Eligibility and pricing can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Terms & Conditions:

All sessions that are recorded must obtain and track proper approval and permission from the session originator/content owner. More information on Terms & Conditions can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Availability & Commitments:

Recordings remain archived on the NCREN server for 1 month before being purged, unless longer length is requested. Recorded/Archived Sessions are available throughout a whole semester of classes. Before sessions are purged off of the NCREN system, originators of the sessions have the ability to download and save copies locally. Please see our NCREN Video Quality Assurance Program for more information.

Request for Service:

Recorded/Archived sessions are scheduled by sending a request via videoreq at mcnc. This request should be made immediately after scheduling the video conference so that the MCNC video team has enough time to add this feature to the conference.


Technical support is available 8-5 M-F by calling NCREN Video Network Control at 919-248-1410.