Point-to-Point & Multi-Point Sessions


Video ConferencingNCREN Video Services operates on H.323 standards-based IP, Cisco TelePresence CTS-based IP, and Movi-Jabber. We use video conferencing codecs supported by a Cisco/Codian MCU as well as equipment required for Cisco TelePresence CTS and Movi-Jabber soft client video service. We research and offer the best brands of codecs used in the NCREN community, including Polycom, Sony, and Cisco/Tandberg. We provide a cross-platform of video services with options available for Standard-Definition (SD), High-Definition (HD) up to a resolution of 720p, and Cisco TelePresence CTS. We can support conferences having a mix of H.323, Cisco TelePresence CTS endpoints, and Movi-Jabber soft clients. Point-to-Point & Multi-Point Sessions are base services that can incorporate other NCREN services offerings including.

  • Live Streaming
  • Recorded/Archived Sessions
  • Interactive Audio Inclusion
  • ISDN Dial-Up Sessions
  • Satellite Downlink
  • Satellite Uplink

Requirements of Service:

Any site who wishes to connect interactively to NCREN should:

  • Have an H.323 standards-based IP video codec, or Cisco TelePresence CTS endpoint, or ISDN capability located in a designated room.
  • Room should be properly equipped with lighting and audio equipment for video conferencing.
  • A technical support person should be readily available at all times. In order to maximize the participants’ experience, it is preferred that a participant functions in this role. This allows quick and easy access to technical assistance for the participating site and an on-site person to troubleshoot with should it become necessary.
  • Have the room registered within the MCNC system so that it can be scheduled.
  • As part of the registration process, the site should provide NCREN with a telephone number and contact person where someone can be reached for the duration of the video conference session.

Each site should perform a test with NCREN after completing the certification form and prior to their connection for their first session. All rooms or sites that have not been previously connected to the NCREN Video Network must go through our Site Certification Test. To schedule a test, please follow the procedures for submitting a Request for Service and complete the Site Certification Form. Note: Sites can be included in a scheduled multi-point call, but there is no assurance that the session will be successful unless a test is conducted prior to first connection. For participants that do not use IP-based video codecs or ISDN, audio-only participation is also available. For more information on video session procedures, please view the NCREN Video Session Procedures.

Video Conferencing


All NCREN institutions and their users are eligible for these services.


  • Registration for Endpoints (SD, HD and/or CTS) $88/month - $500 install
  • Multi-Point Standard Definition Conferencing Service* $395/month - $500 install
  • Multi-Point High-Definition Conferencing Service $540/month - $500 install
  • Multi-Point Telepresence/SD/HD Mix Conferencing Service* $1,450/month - $500 install
  • Movi-Jabber Software Endpoint Service (per license) $15/month - no installation fee

*ISDN connections and Satellite Uplink may require additional fees.

Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions can be obtained by submitting a Request for Service.

Availability & Commitments:

NCREN is committed to providing our users with a high-quality video conferencing experience. NCREN Video Network Control is staffed 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of eight MCNC-recognized holidays. Charges may apply for sessions scheduled outside of NCREN hours of operations. Please see our NCREN Video Quality Assurance Program for more information.

Request for Service:

Point-to-Point & Multi-Point sessions are scheduled by any authorized user. Please contact videoreq@mcnc.org for information on how to become an authorized user.


Technical support during the video session is available by calling NCREN Video Network Control at 919-248-1410.