Leveraging MCNC’s Open Access Network


MCNC operates and manages a statewide backbone (NCREN) that serves Community Anchor Institutions in North Carolina in an open, non-discriminatory manner. In some areas, MCNC provides, lit service and other middle-mile services to private-sector middle or last mile providers or wholesalers within the MCNC service area at reasonable rates and terms.

Leveraging MCNC's Open Access Network - MCNC Infrastructure by the Numbers

Layer 1

Layer 2

Other Services

  • Regional Peering
  • IPv4 Addresses – Lease or Purchase
  • 24x7x365 NOC
  • Co-location
  • Data Center
  • Fiber Construction Management

Leveraging MCNC's Open Access Network

Eligibility and Requirements of Service

All services may not be available in all locations.

MCNC evaluates each request or opportunity on a case-by-case basis. MCNC will review each request to determine feasibility and availability based on current and projected factors.

Please submit a request for service for more information.

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