Managed Hosting


MCNC employs an experienced team of system and networking experts to facilitate design, installation and operation of customer systems hosted at MCNC. Our staff members hold certifications from Microsoft, Red Hat, and ISC2. We offer a range of services from the most basic managed hosting services to the more advanced, including, performance monitoring, advanced digital diagnostics, system tuning, architecture assessments and planning, and IT management assessment and planning.

Our Managed Hosting packages are defined as follows:

  • Hardware Installation - assemble, rack mount, and cable your server hardware
  • Triage Problems - classify problems (e.g. network down, system down, or application down) to help your staff resolve issues more quickly
  • Remote Hands - perform simple tasks that require an on-site presence (e.g. system reboots, tape changes)
  • Operating System Installation - load Red Hat Linux, Solaris, or Windows operating systems
  • Review Log Files - perform daily, weekly, and monthly reviews of relevant system log files to identify potential issues (e.g. hardware problems, application failures, disk space over capacity)
  • Recommend and Install Critical OS & Hardware Patches - notify your staff of critical patches that affect your operating system and hardware, and install selected patches upon your approval
  • Uptime Monitoring and Alerting - monitor specified network ports for activity and send alerts via e-mail and pager escalation lists in case of downtime
  • Hardware Repairs - install replacement parts for major components (e.g. hard drives, memory, CPUs, power supplies)
  • Performance Monitoring - automated collection and assessment of run-time application performance and alerting through specified escalation lists when thresholds are exceeded
  • Advanced Diagnostics - going beyond reactive troubleshooting, our team works with your staff to define metrics that enable us to proactively identify malfunctions and other system performance issues
  • System Tuning - based on diagnostic information, we recommend and implement upon approval changes to system parameters and hardware configurations to improve system performance and resiliency
  • Architecture Assessment and Planning - our senior team of systems and networking experts can help you design a scalable and robust service architecture and plan for its deployment and operation
  • IT Management Assessment and Planning - our IT management team will work with you to determine the most efficient business model for managing your hosted IT assets

Requirements of Service:

We can use your hardware or ours for an additional fee. We ask that all equipment installed in the Data Center be safe and serviceable.

Eligibility & Pricing:

We ask that our Data Center customers be a North Carolina education institution or a relevant North Carolina not-for-profit. Including the consideration of MCNC's partnership with NC DIT in providing connectivity and data services to non-profit healthcare institutions and public health entities, MCNC will also provide data center services to organizations who are enabling the state's health information exchange (HIE) implementation. Submit a Request for Service for pricing and availability.

Terms & Conditions:

Available by request, please submit a Request for Service.

Availability & Commitments:

Please submit a Request for Service for current availability and future commitments.

Request for Service:

To find out more about our Managed Hosting services, please submit a web request


Technical support is available 24x7 by phone 919-248-4111 or submit a web request.