Hosted Course and Event Capture Infrastructure


MCNC is very pleased to announce the availability of our new Mediasite Course and Event Capture Infrastructure Service pilot, now available for all NCREN community education customers!

What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is a hardware device that (when combined with management and storage tools) allows the video and/or screen capture of any event to be streamed live and/or archived for future viewing. This service provides the ability to record and deliver your online learning, interactive lectures and multimedia presentations automatically. Visit the links below for more information:

Requirements of Service

Why Should MCNC Offer a Mediasite Service?

Prior to the creation of our Mediasite Course and Event Capture Infrastructure Service, MCNC customers wishing to use Mediasite had two options for managing and storing Medisite content:

  1. Purchase and run servers in-house.
  2. Purchase hosted service from Mediasite.

For the first option, the costs of procuring and maintaining a management infrastructure can be costly and time consuming, especially on a small scale. The second option costs approximately 6 times what the MCNC service costs, and places the traffic outside of our state's high performance network.

In contrast, MCNC offers a Mediasite Storage Server service on NCREN (the North Carolina Research and Education Network) at a very low "per recorder" cost.

Whether you intend to stream events live, or archive them, you will need to purchase one or more Mediasite recorders. A recorder can be rack mounted into a room (RL) or carried to each event (ML). You can find details on Mediasite recorders by clicking here.

Eligibility & Pricing

Our new Mediasite Course and Event Capture Infrastructure Service, is available for all NCREN community education customers!

MCNC Mediasite Storage Server Pricing

MCNC Mediasite storage server provides your organization with all the benefits of Mediasite management tools customized for your organization, with the servers running in MCNC's Data Center part of the NCREN network.

Mediasite Recorder Pricing (Note: MCNC does not sell Mediasite recorders)

MCNC is pleased to announce that special pricing for Mediasite Recorders and Customer Assurance is available for all those using the MCNC Mediasite Course and Event Capture Infrastructure Service. All Mediasite Recorder and Customer Assurance purchases can be coordinated by contacting Sonic Foundry directly at

Terms & Conditions

Available by request.

Availability & Commitments

In order to insure optimum performance, MCNC has a limited number of Mediasite Storage Server space available. We look forward to the possibilities of growth and expansion of the server and storage availability in the future.

Request for Service

If you would like to arrange for MCNC to host Mediasite infrastructure for your organization, or if you have questions about the service, please submit a web request.


For technical support of your Mediasite products, please visit for access to technical Mediasite presentations, knowledge articles, technical support contact information, and much more. For all other questions, please contact a Mediasite sales representative at or by calling toll free 877-783-7987.