Event Capture


Mediasite, a global leader for enterprise webcasting, combined with MCNC’s knowledge in video streaming, and event capture, can help you reduce travel by allowing you to provide superior online presentation options that will captivate your viewing audience.

This service provides live streaming for events and archiving with exceptional functionality. Improved streaming that can simultaneously accommodate up to 1000 viewers can help you reach a larger audience with seamless ease. Also, MCNC staff is available in person for your event if needed.

While there are other event capture and streaming services available, MCNC together with Mediasite, allows you to custom package your streaming media; either with video only or with video and content jointly. The end user even has the ability to manipulate their views of the presentation to go beyond a one size fits all approach.

A summary of the benefits are:

  • Archiving of the event for later viewing, with an option to download or utilize long term storage. Presentations can be streamed live or on-demand.
  • Dual video, both presentation content along with the presenter (people plus content), is available.
  • No need to author content, pre-upload slides or devote time to post-production.
  • High resolution video and slides.
  • Control access allows password protection for streaming or recorded content to only be viewed by designated session attendees.

More information about Mediasite can be found on the Mediasite's home page.


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Eligibility and Requirements of Service

Our Event Streaming and Capture Service, is available for all NCREN community education customers as a fee for service offering. This customized service can be initiated by submitting a Request for Service. Reservations for use of the Mediasite recorder are made on a first come, first serve basis. Requests must be made at least five days prior to the event.

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