Enhanced DDoS Protection


MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Protection service provides world-class DDoS protection capabilities for NCREN customers.  Backbone network traffic is continually monitored for indicators of DDoS attacks. When an attack is detected, network traffic can be diverted into the nearest scrubbing center, where traffic can be analyzed and cleaned. DDoS attack traffic is removed from the flow, allowing legitimate network traffic to continue on to the targeted customer. In short, the scrubbing centers remove the bad traffic and allow the good traffic to continue on to the customer, ensuring that business services function normally while minimizing the negative impact of the DDoS attack.

Utilize MCNC’s DDoS Auto-Mitigation for maximum protection.  With Auto-Mitigation, when a DDoS attack is detected, the impacted traffic flow can be directed into one of MCNC’s DDoS scrubbing centers automatically, allowing attack mitigation to begin within a few seconds of attack detection.  Once the attack has subsided, traffic flow will automatically return to its normal path on the network. See this FAQ for more details on Auto-Mitigation.

DDoS Auto-Mitigation Enrollment Form: https://www.mcnc.org/services/ddos-auto-mitigation-enrollment-form

Eligibility and Requirements of Service

In order to utilize this service, you must be an NCREN Internet customer.


MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Protection service is provided to all NCREN Internet customers as part of the standard NCREN Internet service. If you get network connectivity from MCNC, you get the Enhanced DDoS Protection service included at no additional cost.

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