Enhanced DDoS Protection


The time period from 2014 to 2016 introduced a dramatic surge in the effective use of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) as a weapon of cyber-attack. No longer only the domain of elite attackers, today’s DDoS attacks can be easily launched by those with limited technical skills, and the results can seriously impair the victim’s business operations. MCNC has seen a significant increase in DDoS attacks against its customers, particularly K-12 schools in North Carolina, noting a 74 percent increase in DDoS attack activity on NCREN during the 2015-2016 school year (as compared to the previous school year).

In response to these threats, MCNC has invested in developing and implementing world-class DDoS protection capabilities for NCREN customers. MCNC has updated the NCREN backbone with advanced traffic routing capabilities and has deployed multiple DDoS scrubbing centers on the network. When customers face a DDoS attack, network traffic can be diverted into the nearest scrubbing center, where traffic can be analyzed and cleaned. DDoS attack traffic is removed from the flow, allowing legitimate network traffic to continue on to the targeted customer. In short, the scrubbing centers remove the bad traffic and allow the good traffic to continue on to the customer, ensuring that business services can continue functioning and minimizing the negative impact of the DDoS attack.

NCREN is a vast network. Providing effective DDoS protection at the scale necessary to keep up with bandwidth demands has not been a small undertaking, but MCNC believes this capability is necessary for students, researchers, and citizens in North Carolina.

Requirements of Service:

In order to receive service, you must be an existing NCREN network customer.

Eligibility & Pricing:

MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Protection services are provided to NCREN network customers at no additional cost. This DDoS protection capability is a standard part of NCREN network services and is another way that MCNC provides value to its customers.

Terms & Conditions:

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Technical support is available 24x7 by phone 877-GO-NCREN (877-466-2736) or by submitting a web request.