Domain Name Services (DNS)


MCNC manages a distributed set of domain name servers for use in mapping hostnames to IP addresses. Name servers fall into two categories, authoritative and resolvers. Authoritative servers are used to host primary and secondary zone files for reference by the resolving name servers. Resolvers are used by systems to perform address lookups. MCNC currently deploys two authoritative servers and three resolvers for community use.

MCNC's name servers use BIND software (the most commonly used DNS server) and are configured and maintained for reliability, with operating system and application patches applied appropriately. Name servers are extensively monitored, with statistics tracked to ensure that capacity and performance needs are met. If you move your service over to MCNC’s DNS, you will have access to our DNS User Interface. Please find more DNS information available here: Knowledgebase article on Domain Name Services

MCNC operates a "WebFail" service that monitors websites in order to track their online availability. The service will automatically redirect users to a "site down" webpage with a customized message for each site. Once the primary site is back online, users are routed back to the original website.

Requirements of Service:

Access to recursive queries (lookup of addresses outside MCNC hosted zones) is restricted to systems with NCREN managed IP addresses.

Eligibility & Pricing:

MCNC provides this service to the NCREN community without charge. Primary and secondary zone file hosting is available for NCREN customers and owners of location based zones managed by MCNC (,,,,,,

Terms & Conditions:

MCNC's name servers are available for public use for hosted zones. Recursive queries are limited to systems with NCREN managed IP address ranges.

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Availability & Commitments:

Name servers are considered critical systems within MCNC. Multiple servers, on multiple network segments, are available for use, so that failure of a single server should not cause address lookup failures. DNS outages will be responded to within 15 minutes. New service or changes to existing service request will be responded to within one business day. While most changes to zone files are made during business hours, we will work to accommodate requests for changes at other times of the day and on weekends.

Request for Service:

To request new service or changes to existing zone files, please submit a web request.


For assistance with MCNC related Domain Name Service issues, please submit a web request or call MCNC Systems Support at (919) 248-4111. Outages and urgent change requests should be submitted via telephone.