Ad-Hoc Point-to-Point Sessions


Our Ad-Hoc Point-to-Point video conferencing sessions service is not physically monitored by NCREN Video Network Control and can be scheduled completely at the discretion of the two participating sites. This service provides a private connection with the ability to maintain and have full control over the environment of the video sessions. If there is an issue during sessions within normal business hours, NCREN Video Network Control will have someone live who may be able to help correct the issue.

Requirements of Service:

The video codecs must be compatible and functioning at each site location. Connections are more successful if neither codec is behind a firewall, and they both have public IP addresses.

In order to prevent audio issues, we recommend that participants have headsets or some technology with echo cancellation.

Eligibility & Pricing:

Any site with an H.323 standards-based IP video codec can connect to any other if they meet each other’s minimum requirements. NCREN does not charge additional fees for this capability. The originating site should discuss charges with the receiving site. For more information, please submit a Request for Service.

Sites with Cisco TelePresence CTS can connect to other Cisco TelePresence CTS sites in this same manner. If one site uses H.323 and the other site uses Cisco TelePresence CTS, then the call must be scheduled, because it requires the use of special equipment at MCNC to effect the conversion between the two formats.

All rooms or sites that have not been previously connected to the NCREN Video Network must go through our Site Certification Test. To schedule a test, please follow the procedures for submitting a Request for Service and complete the Site Certification Form. Note: Sites can be included in a scheduled multi-point call, but there is no assurance that the session will be successful unless a test is conducted prior to first connection.

Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions can be obtained by contacting videoreq at

Availability & Commitments:

Availability & Commitments can be obtained by contacting videoreq at

Request for Service:

The Program Coordinator at the site who will originate the program should make the request directly to the Program Coordinator at the receiving site. For UNC-GA customers, please see NCREN Interactive Video University Contacts. Note that we do recommend that even ad-hoc conferences be scheduled so that others do not inadvertently schedule another conference to one or more of the sites at the same time.


The sites should exchange contact information for their own communication and troubleshooting during the session. The NCREN Video Network Control can be reached at at 919-248-1410 during normal business hours (8-5 M-F).