Active Vulnerability Analysis (AVA)


Kenna logoOur Level 1 Active Vulnerability Analysis solution (AVA) scans your network perimeter and automatically imports results into the Kenna Security Platform to calculate risk scores. With a customizable web portal, clients have quick access to data and remediation advice on identified vulnerabilities, allowing for prioritized responses to emerging threats.

How we do it:

MCNC will scan your external network perimeter using vulnerability scanning infrastructure hosted in our data centers. You define the networks that you want scanned and we take care of the rest. Your scans will run continuously and the results are automatically imported into the Kenna Security Platform  The Kenna Security Platform uses 15+ exploit intelligence feeds, a knowledge base of 3+ billion (and growing) managed vulnerabilities, global attack telemetry and predictive modeling to provide the most informed and accurate risk prioritization available. These risk scores use machine learning to discover which vulnerabilities are actively being used in successful breaches, how easily breached a vulnerability is, how popular a specific exploit is, does malware exist to exploit a specific vulnerability, etc.

How you use it:

When you log in to your customized web portal, you’ll see your systems identified in our scans, the vulnerabilities present on those assets, and prioritized remediation advice based on risk score.  This prioritization makes it simple to know which vulnerabilities you should address first, because they pose the highest risk. As issues are remediated, your risk scores will update automatically. The scanning is continuous and automated, therefore you will see your most current vulnerability and risk score data each time you access your web portal.

Additional Features:

If your organization has other vulnerability scanning data, let us know and you can leverage the Kenna Security Platform interface for data analysis.

Coming soon!

AVA Level 2 -  An Internal Scanning solution. Level 2 includes all the features of external scanning in AVA Level 1 and adds internal network scans for a complete service.


Watch the archived video from the October 23, 2018 demo
on the MCNC YouTube channel.

Eligibility and Requirements of Service

MCNC provides this service to any non-profit in North Carolina including K-20 education, public safety, state and local government, not-for-profit healthcare, and research institutions across North Carolina.

Pricing starts with a base per customer rate that includes 100 IP addresses to scan and monitor your network. Additional sets of IPs can be purchased based on need.

To inquire about new service, please submit a web request.

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