Security Advisories

At MCNC, the security of our constituent networks is vital to the overall security and health of the NCREN network, and the services that we provide. In an effort to assist our constituents with the task of keeping their networks secure, MCNC publishes Security Advisories when there is important security information to share with our constituent community.

MCNC Security Advisories are a way for MCNC to communicate important information about security-related issues to our constituents. Security Advisories may address topics such as:

  • Announcements about security issues affecting MCNC constituents
  • Emergency actions taken by MCNC to address urgent security issues
  • Information on vulnerabilities in common infrastructure or applications run by MCNC constituents
  • Guidance and mitigations that may be helpful in addressing known security issues

Each Security Advisory is assigned a unique identifier for reference. Security Advisories will be published on the MCNC web site and announced via established information distribution channels.

MCNC is committed to providing timely and useful guidance to our constituents. Any questions or concerns about information contained in Security Advisories should be addressed to the MCNC NOC or to your MCNC Customer Advocate.

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