Interconnect Policy

MCNC provides interconnection points in each of its regional points of presence. Last-mile providers (including Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, Multiple System Operators, Competitive Local Exchange Carriers, energy cooperatives, and independent telecom companies) may interconnect with MCNC's network at reasonable rates and terms for the purpose of exchanging traffic.

These interconnection points also allow commercial wholesale participants to serve last-mile providers with wholesale access, at reasonable rates and terms, to network components and services such as wavelengths and fibers.

MCNC serves the needs of Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs – organizations such as schools, community colleges, other institutions of higher education, and community support organizations), while wholesale commercial providers serve commercial last-mile providers and their customers.

Not all MCNC services are available at all interconnection locations.

In order to provide more direct interconnection between residential users and CAIs, MCNC encourages settlement-free peering with all willing Internet service providers within North Carolina.