Glossary of Terms

The following list contains common terms you may hear related to the health care project and NCTN activities.

Term Definition
CHA The Cabarrus Health Alliance is a non-profit public health authority in N.C. that has a high profile role in many regional and statewide initiatives. CHA is operating as the “project coordinator” for NCTN from the FCC’s perspective and is the formal counterparty in the contracts with MCNC to operate the NCTN.
DIT The N.C. State Government Department of Information Technology. MCNC’s service provider partner and NCTN sub-contractor for the NCTN.
ERM Electronic Medical Records
FCC Federal Communications Commission
HCF Healthcare Connect Fund: The Healthcare Connect Fund (fund) provides support for high-capacity broadband connectivity to eligible health care providers (HCPs) and encourages the formation of state and regional broadband HCP networks. Under the program, eligible rural HCPs, and those non-rural HCPs that are members of a consortium that has a majority rural HCP sites, can receive up to a 65 percent discount from the fund on all eligible expenses.
HIE Health Information Exchange
MCNC The service provider for the NCTN.
NCREN North Carolina Research and Education Network is one of the nation's first statewide education and research networks. It provides broadband communications technology services and support to K-12 school districts, higher education campuses, academic research institutions and health care organizations across North Carolina.
NCTN North Carolina Telehealth Network
NCTN-H Hospital phase (H) of the NCTN that connects non-profits hospitals to the network.
NCTN-PH Public Health (PH) phase of the NCTN that supports public health sites, free clinics, and some rural health centers in N.C. in creating a dedicated broadband network
NOC Network Operations Center
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making from the Federal Communications Commission
RHCPP Rural Health Care Pilot Program. The FCC program which provides discounts for eligible services to selected projects paid directly to the service vendors.
RFP Request for Proposal
SA Subscriber Agreement
SLA Service Level Agreement
USF Universal Service Funds