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Welcome to the MCNC webspace for K12

Welcome to the MCNC webspace for North Carolina local education agencies (LEAs) and charter schools. This site will provide information related to MCNC services, support, and other technology topics which are particularly relevant to the public K-12 community. In addition, personalized spaces for each LEA and charter school connected to NCREN can be found at the NCREN Community Portal. These personalized spaces are secure and exclusive domains and dynamic, in that the LEA and MCNC personnel can update them with the latest network and technical support information.


The N.C. School Connectivity Initiative (SCI) was established to expand the number of schools with broadband Internet access, further develop communication networks for rural and underperforming schools, aid in professional development for technology staff, and develop a scalable model to maintain and enhance network services to all schools in North Carolina. The SCI is comprised of the following four primary programs:

  1. Maintain a Governance Structure and Funding Plan to manage the SCI and provide funding support for LEA and charter school broadband Internet access
  2. Maintain an E-Rate Filing Assistance Bureau - E-Rate consulting services supporting LEAs and charter schools
  3. Expand the North Carolina Research Education Network (NCREN) to connect to all 115 LEAs and participating charter schools
  4. Maintain Client Network Engineering Services – Network consulting services for LEAs and charter schools
administrator training

Zscaler Administrator Training
March 2015 at MCNC

These programs are delivered through collaboration among the N.C. Department of Public Instruction, MCNC, and the N.C. Office of Information Technology Services. MCNC has lead responsibility for providing two of the four critical programs which comprise the SCI: NCREN connectivity services and Client Network Engineering (CNE) services.

MCNC also provides customer support and communications services for the SCI project. Building community relationships has been a mainstay with the customer support and communications services team. One highlight is the CeCTO program. Another is the development and management of technology forums for the K-12 technology community where the community can share information that may be beneficial to their K-12 peers. The level of information available for customers today far exceeds commercial standards.

Being our customer

MCNC is committed to being truly customer focused; to deliver the best quality, highest performing, most reliable, and greatest value services for our community.