NC healthcare sees boost with NCTNA transition, award

12 Days of Broadband - Day 7As healthcare evolves and is increasingly reliant on Health Information Exchanges (HIEs), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Internet-enabled research for the next great cures, high-speed and secure broadband connectivity becomes critically essential.

MCNC’s world-class fiber network and operational expertise provides a strong foundation for improving the delivery of healthcare on the North Carolina Telehealth Network (NCTN). View current offerings.

In 2019, the North Carolina Telehealth Network Association (NCTNA) was formed and assumed administrative responsibilities from the Cabarrus Health Alliance to oversee operations of the NCTN. As a certified non-profit, the FCC has recognized the association as a consortium leader to support public and non-profit healthcare providers in North Carolina. Get more information here.

The Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition (SHLB), recognized the NCTNA in October as a recipient of their first-ever Anchor Award.

Roughly 300 broadband champions from the private, public, and non-profit sectors attended the SHLB Coalition's AnchorNets Conference in October to focus on connecting schools, libraries, healthcare providers, and their communities to high-quality broadband. It also marked the SHLB Coalition's first-ever Annual Anchor Awards, recognizing anchors for their exemplary work in line with SHLB's mission of broadband access for all. The NCTNA was one of three recipients of this inaugural award.

Emily Olson, Chief Operating Officer at the SHLB Coalition, remarked during the award ceremony: "The North Carolina Telehealth Network Association offers high-quality, discounted broadband services to subscribers like DayMark Recovery Services and Vidant Health Systems. Their subscribers serve some of the poorest counties in rural North Carolina, where a third of residents live below the poverty level. Thanks to affordable broadband, NCTNA’s subscribers offer behavioral health services, monitoring for chronic conditions, and other life-saving health services that their communities would otherwise be unable to access."

As NCTNA evolves and positions itself for the future, MCNC remains committed to providing exceptional, cost-effective services and technology solutions in support of North Carolina's healthcare community.