MCNC works to keep North Carolina connected and protected

12 Days of Broadband 2019 - Day 2MCNC this year announced continued growth and commitment to ensuring high-speed connections on the North Carolina Research and Education Network (NCREN) meet the highest levels of security.

MCNC prioritizes investments in security and risk management solutions that mitigate the negative effects of cyber attacks on NCREN. MCNC now offers a full range of advanced cybersecurity solutions including three new services this year: DNS Security Filtering, Active Vulnerability Analysis, and Security Advisory Consulting. All of MCNC’s new or enhanced services build upon proven existing services such as Enhanced DDoS Protection, Firewall, and our Web Security Service.

Industry-Leading Compliance
MCNC successfully completed a Service Organization Controls (SOC) Type II examination in 2018 and renewed this high-level certification again this year. The SOC Type II standard verifies that MCNC is appropriately managing security risks and is serious about data protection and effective operations. Learn more.

DNS Security Filtering
MCNC’s DNS Security Filtering is a cloud-based security service powered by Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector platform. The service protects against malware, phishing, botnet command and control, and DNS data exfiltration threats by automatically checking requested domains against Akamai’s real-time domain risk scoring engine. Domains and IP addresses associated with malicious sites will not be resolved, preventing users from accessing the malicious sites. It’s an easy-to-deploy, low-cost solution to help protect today’s infrastructure and users. Learn more.

Active Vulnerability Analysis (AVA)
AVA scans your network perimeter and automatically imports results into the Kenna Security Platform to calculate risk scores. With a customizable web portal, clients have quick access to data and remediation advice on identified vulnerabilities, allowing for prioritized responses to emerging threats. MCNC has activated this service for more almost 100 NCREN customers to date with many more already expressing interest in it. Learn more.

Security Advisory Consulting
MCNC cybersecurity professionals assist in all areas of information security and risk management. The team’s most popular service is the Cybersecurity Program Review, where MCNC evaluates a customer’s existing cybersecurity program. Using the results of the review, MCNC builds a plan to improve a customer’s security posture in a way that prioritizes the most critical cyber-risk areas. Learn more.

Enhanced DDoS Protection
MCNC continues to invest in Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, auto-mitigation capabilities for NCREN. The NCREN backbone infrastructure has been updated with advanced traffic routing capabilities including multiple DDoS scrubbing centers deployed on the network. MCNC’s Enhanced DDoS Protection is now a standard part of NCREN services and is provided to network customers at no additional cost. Learn more.

This service is available to customers 24x7, excluding planned outages, maintenance windows and unavoidable events. Learn more.

Web Security Service
The MCNC Web Security Service provides cloud-based web content filtering and advanced security protection features and functionality for enterprise and mobile/remote users. MCNC has partnered with Zscaler to provide the web security service, which enables organizations to secure and manage cloud applications used by their users. Organizations can discover which cloud applications are being used by their users, set granular access and use policies, monitor and report on usage in real time, and protect against cyberthreats/malware. Learn more.

“MCNC has a rich history of developing and delivering innovative technology solutions and services,” said Beal. “Now that cybersecurity is an essential part of today's technology-driven society, the organization continues to develop a portfolio of cybersecurity services to best serve the citizens of North Carolina as a trusted partner, advisor, and resource in the rapidly-changing cybersecurity landscape."

In addition to cybersecurity, MCNC provides a vast portfolio of network-based technology services and community services to K-20 education, public safety, state and local government, not-for-profit health care, and research institutions across North Carolina.

View these offerings and more on the MCNC Service Catalog.